Proceedings and Journal Publications

There will be a combination of presentations including scientific papers.
Prospective authors are invited, in the first instance, to submit papers for oral presentations in any of the areas of interest for this conference.

Authors should submit a paper based on page limitation including all figures, tables, and references.
All accepted papers will be included in the conference pre-proceeding (CD/USB without ISSN/ISBN).
Authors should submit a paper with 2~6 pages in length, including all figures, tables, and references.
If you want to submit more than page limitation, you can add up to 2 extra pages (total MAX. 8 pages) with the extra page charges (100 USD per page).
Papers exceeding the page limits will be rejected without review.

  1. All accepted papers will be published by conference USB proceeding(without ISSN/ISBN)*.

  2. After closing congress, accepted and presented papers will be recommended to
    - Special Issues of the Intl' Journals indexed by SCIE or SCOPUS.
    - SCIE journal recommendations (Distinguished excellent papers)
    * The paper must be written in 5-8 pages.
** No showers' paper will be NOT recommended to intl' journal**.

Special Issues

The Distinguished papers accepted and presented in CSA 2021, after further revisions, will be recommended in the special issues of the following international journals indexed journals:

  1. Human-centric Computing and Information Sciences (HCIS) - KIPS-CSWRG(SCIE)
  2. The Journal of Supercomputing - Springer (SCI)
  3. Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing (AIHC) - Springer (SCIE)
  4. Cognitive Neurodynamics - Springer (SCI)
  5. Sustainability - MDPI (SCIE)
  6. Sensors - MDPI (SCIE)
  7. Electronics - MDPI (SCIE)
  8. International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools(SCIE) - World Scientific
  9. Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing(SCIE) - Hindawi
  10. Journal of Information Processing Systems (JIPS) - KIPS (SCOPUS)
This is the current index status of the journal(Aug., 2021). However, the journal indices may be changed due to several reasons. In that case, we are not responsible for it.

When authors recommend potential reviewers for their paper, the recommended reviewers' countries must be different.

The recommended authors MUST strongly keep the recommendation guideline for the submission.