Invited Speaker

Prospero C. Naval, Jr., Ph.D.

Chairman and Professor Department of Computer Science, University of the Philippines

Laboratory Head Computer Vision and Machine Intelligence Group Department of Computer Science, University of the Philippines
Title: Preserving Marine Biodiversity through Machine Learning.
Marine biodiversity has long been recognized as essential for sustainable development due to its crucial role in providing global food security, creation of sustainable livelihood and mitigation of climate change effects. Biodiversity conservation efforts often require advanced tools for monitoring marine resources for development of sound policy strategies.
In this talk we discuss the use of machine learning for monitoring and evaluation of coral reef health, assessment of reef fish abundance, distribution and variety, as well as determining the factors that influence livelihood switching through provision of equipment incentives for fishing pressure alleviation.
Speaker biography
Prospero C. Naval, Jr. is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of the Philippines Diliman and is the Laboratory Head of the Computer Vision and Machine Intelligence Group. His research is focused on the development of efficient algorithms for the analysis of large scale text, image/video and time series data with applications in healthcare, environment and education.